New tax rules for winnings from games of chance - a two-fold stroke of luck

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Winners of games of chance have two reasons to rejoice. Not only have they won a large sum of money with no or a miniscule contribution, but the lucky ones are also allowed to transfer their winnings to the bank without paying (almost any) income and withholding taxes. As of 1 January 2019, the rules regarding the taxation of winnings were amended.

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The abolition of the marriage penalty - a long overdue step?

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«The abolition of the marriage penalty» - ever since the referendum of 28 February 2016, this term has been universally known. Ist popularity has not declined since the lost referendum and has been on

everyone's lips again since 10 April 2019. 

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Implementation of the Steuervorlage 17 / TRAF in the individual cantons

We track the developments and reactions regarding the Steuervorlage 17 (SV17) / TRAF in the individual cantons for you.

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The abolition of the imputed rental value on the verge of a breakthrough

The abolition of the imputed rental value - an old topic is suddenly on everyone's mind again. For years, this idea has occupied the tax policy discussion without having achieved any real progress. The chance that this relic from the Second World War will be abolished is within reach. In the following we show you the development and implications of this system change.

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Development after the vote on the CTR III through the Steuervorlage 17 to the TRAF

We always keep you informed about the latest developments regarding the Steuervorlage 17. Our presentation explains the new benchmarks of the SV 17 precisely and comprehensively.

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Cryptocurrencies and Taxes

Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, etherum or ripple are currently extremely fashionable and widely talked about. How these cryptocurrencies work can be rather difficult to understand, not to mention the tax implications of owning and using these new trend currencies.

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Current international developments

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We keep track of the latest international developments in the world of taxation for you.

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Recent developments concerning the international exchange of tax-relevant data

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