OECD Tax Talk #1 - BEPS

In mid-June, Pascal Saint-Amans, Director of the Centre for Tax Policy and Administration, Achim Pross, Head of International Co-operation and Tax Administration, and Ben Dickinson, Head of Tax and Development, have given information about the current development in the BEPS Project and the OECD's further tax projects in the course of a webinar.

Short summary

The presentation has shown, that the implementation of the BEPS action points is being worked on with a high cadence and dynamic. The «minimum Standards» are being implemented by the OECD states. This implementation is being reviewed by the OECD within the framework of a «peer review» process. This result of this process, in turn, is published. The OECD's «transfer pricing Guidelines» have been adjusted in the action points 8-10 on the basis of these results and have been published on 23rd May 2017. The OECD will develop additional tools for the further implementation of the BEPS's action points. These «toolkits» have been discussed for the first time by the representatives of the OECD states on the 30th June/1st July 2016 in Kyoto. In April 2016, the G20 has instructed the OECD to develop criteria, so that countries, which do not implement the pursued tax transparency, can be identified. On 23rd July 2016 a tax policy that shall help to stimulate growth and innovation will be discussed on ministerial level. The OECD will give information about the results of the ongoing meetings in an additional webinar in July. In future, a webinar shall be held every 4-6 weeks.


The webinar from 16th June 2016 shows, that the international tax world is in a dynamic process of change and confirms what Pascal Saint-Amans has said at the beginning of the webinar. «Many have thought that the BEPS Project will not come. It has come and it will also be implemented.»